Check out our Saloon and dance hall! We serve the finest alcoholic beverages to go along with some great live music on the weekends!  

Come out West for a taste of fine food, and stick around for some live music on the weekends! Enjoy the fun-filled atmosphere of our quaint little town! You'll be glad you did, Darlin'! 

Need a place to stay while you're visiting? We have accommodations for up to 6 people available at our

              Cabin at Antlers.

             Call (815) 600-4500

  We'd like to announce our new chef and his incredible team!  Come on out to meet

Chef Patrick Townsend and

Larry and Misty! They've put a fantastic menu together and they're excited to share their talent with you! We'd like to extend an invitation to our place---so they can WOW you with their edible artistry!!   So join us for some Wyoming fun, a plate of delicious feel-good food, and a comfy bed---they're just around the bend!

If you need a place to stay, be sure to check out our 

Cabin At Antlers!  

Well......what are ya waitin' fer?